SimCity Site & Map: Whitewater Crossing

Whitewater Crossing sits in a strategic location in terms of transportation -- which gives it it's name. This city site is a fine site, but doesn't have a whole lot of room.

Elevation and Terrain

The southern portion of the map is sacrificed to the river and the northeastern corner of the map sits upon a high steppe that is not going to do you any favors in terms of laying out your grid.

Water Table

The river provides plenty of water for this city while the high plateau gives you some dry ground upon which to base your industrial center. It's the best of both worlds.


There are three pockets of deep metal ore as well as a medium-sized coal deposit on top of the steppe.

Usable Land

The most remarkable part of this map is that -- in order to accommodate the needs of the river crossing, the rail line runs straight through the middle of the board, hangs a left inside it's tunnel, and exits from the northwest corner. As a result, it's already set up for multiple train stations including one by the river that could really do well for your tourism. The highway entrance in the east is less remarkable. All told, it's going to be tricky getting roads up to the steppe without bridges, but there are some ramp options you can utilize if you experiment.

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