SimCity Site & Map: Bamberg Basin

Elevation and Terrain

Bamberg is about as flat as you can get. There is water access to the south. There isn't much else remarkable about it. It's mostly devoid of trees.

Water Table

This level has a good amount of water. There is a light streak in the water basin to the west that should house your industrial area if you plan to do that here. Also, the northeast corner between the road entrance and the border would be a good place to stick any polluting ploppables.


You're looking at coal, ore, and oil on this one. On the west side of the map, there's a spot that has all three overlapping each other. Coal is in the north of the map right above the strip of empty in the water table, so this would be a great place for coal mining. There is a lonely oil deposit on the east just below the highway entrance.

Usable Land

There is nothing that is preventing you from using the majority of the board, save the little bit of waterfront you have to work with.

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