SimCity Site & Map: Straussburg Isles

The Isles have a large variety of options available to you, with plenty of water and oil to diversify a well-designed tourist destination.

Elevation and Terrain

This city is one of the most visually interesting maps compared to most of the others. This site features a three-island group out in the river and, of course, a section of the mainland which is where you start. Having three islands is a great opportunity to segregate trade, tourism, and other such industries into self-contained units that don't interfere with each other -- even if the land space available to you is limited.

Water Table

This spot is absolutely drenched with water. There are very few dry spots and none of them are really big enough to warrant an industrial zone, though clearly dedicating one of the islands to industry wouldn't be such a bad deal.


Oil, oil, everywhere! This is going to be a fantastic place to produce some plastics or to run an oil-fired power plant operation that sells power to your surrounding cities. The largest of the three islands has a huge field and there are two more on the mainland.

Usable Land

With the western facing highway dumping you off on the mainland, you have some nice space to start off with and the rail access in the north dead ends at the river -- which is perfect for bringing in tourism.

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