SimCity Site & Map: Twain

Twain is the bane of my existence. No matter how many times I try this one, I'm thwarted by the absolute void of resources. I've deemed this the hardest level to play for more than three hours.

Elevation and Terrain

Perfectly flat. The river has taken a bite out of the northwestern corner and intrudes slightly to the east as well. There are plenty of trees to the south.

Water Table

There's about an even split between deep blue and bone dry. You'll have plenty of spots to isolate your industry to prevent pollution -- especially the southwest corner below the rail line.


None. Not even wind!!!

Usable Land

The rail and highway connections both come in on the west -- neither near any water. It's going to be tricky getting the rail around to anywhere useful. The vast amount of open land is the only good thing about this city site.

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  1. I've made it work with an Education Specialization, then bumping up to Nuclear Power.