SimCity Site & Map: Tudor Isle

Tudor Isle sits in the middle of a river and conceals a deep oil field. While not particularly lucrative or easy, this level is a nice challenge for people who have mastered the easier levels.

Elevation and Terrain

No elevation changes, however the major attraction is the isle in the middle of the river. The resulting deformation of the river has left you with two very narrow river branches that are easily crossed with inexpensive bridges.

Water Table

Soaking. There is no really good place for industry, save the island since you're going to have your oil pumps there anyway, you might as well pollute the whole thing and then pump water from the two sides for drinking.


A large oil deposit sits on the isle in the middle of the river.

Usable Land

There is a rail entrance in the northwest corner. While it is near water, it's hell and gone from the highway entrance which sits on the far border two river crossings away. The river that intrudes on this level will limit you enough to keep this challenging, but there's no elevation or other serious concerns.

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