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Episode 13: Nissan Leaf Charging Station DLC

Posted April 6, 2013

In this episode, watch me fight with EA to use one of their products -- the Nissan Leaf charging station. I show you how small the station is, how it works, and how it reduces cash from your expenses.

Episode 12: Money Through Tourism

Posted March 31, 2013

In this episode of SimCityVersity, I talk about how to generate hundreds of thousands of simoleans via the building of cultural buildings -- specifically a stadium -- and how there's more to consider than just the listing price of the building.

Episode 11: Money Through Taxes

Posted March 31, 2013

In this video, I take you through how to maximize the amount of cash that you get at the start of your game at the expense of Sim comfort since there's no penalty for treating them poorly and they have short memories anyway.

Episode 10: Garbage

Posted March 20, 2013

In this video, I talk about managing your city's garbage using incinerators and how to turn problems into profits.