The Dean's List

So this section is going to be for connecting SimCity 5 players with each other and for any special stuff I can come up with. I'm thinking of putting a photo gallery in here of people's cities, but I'm not quite sure how to do that. Also, be sure to check back on this page for contests and stuff.

Connect With Other SimCity Players

Hey, everybody. Would you like to find friends on Origin to help you build your city? Place your Origin name in the comment section below if you're about to start a game and want other people to log in and play with you. Include the following:

  • Origin Handle (Name)
  • Name of Region
  • Server (ex. North America East 4)


  1. I made a new world to play with others. I have a hard time to find any decent region to play on. or I am ineligible to play on because I do not own content or the region is full or people make city's and leave or is inactive for a long time.

    I have no friends who play SimCity 5

    RayV29 - add me on origin
    The Lights of Dawn - Region name
    Europe West 5 - Server where I am on

    If you add me I can invite you to my region as well.

  2. Why didn't I hear from u for such q long time !!!

    I noticed that your video's mostly about small to medium sized cities (e.g. less than 50,000 people).

    Can you let your light(s) shine on how to solve problems that occur in larger cities (egg. more than 100,000 people) and how you're tackling them (polution, limited space, limited cash.

    I am interested in your tips.