SimCity Site & Map: Triton Valley

Triton Valley is a craggy and disturbing site not meant for the faint of heart.

Elevation and Terrain

There are numerous steppes in the area that are going to limit what you can do in terms of zoning. Plenty of trees and an overall scenic location make this visually interesting but difficult in practice.

Water Table

Patchy but workable. The deep water here is streaky, so you're going to have to move your water towers around a little more often than you're probably used to. But you can make it work. The biggest fields are in the northeast and southwest corners.


Not much. One large and one small coal deposits.

Usable Land

Rail in the east, road in the west. You're going to find few ramps to ascend from your starting location. Also, there's no water by the highway connection, so you're going to have to solve that problem sooner than later. No waterfront, so really only the cliffs are a consideration to your designs.

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