SimCity Site & Map: Thatcher Overlook

An overlook implies some sort of high elevation that allows you to "look over" a nearby feature or geography. This area is a beach-front flatland with a mild steppe. Some of these names just kill me.

Elevation and Terrain

This area has actually actually two steppes: the major one that crosses the midsection of the site and then a tiny one in the northeast corner that technically can be built on -- though I'm not sure what would go there.

Water Table

The south end of the map at the bottom of the steppe around the waterline is full of deep blue. However, the rest of the map is bone dry -- meaning you're going to have to focus on water conservation and keeping the pollution contained above the cliff line.


There are two resources here: a large patch of coal on top of the steppe in the northern part of the board and then a very light hunk of metal ore that probably won't sustain you for too long.

Usable Land

The steppe is very mild, so it doesn't take too much of your zoneable areas away. The northeast corner is a little tricky and the southwest corner has a chunk dedicated to the lake. You have many choices when it comes to rail access, as the line runs across the northern border, through a tunnel, and then down the eastern border. All told, this level won't be too great a challenge as long as you protect your water.

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