SimCity Site & Map: Traviata Knoll

The big visual draw of this city site are the monster hedgerows that devour the map and the potential for the most successful mining town you can have.

Elevation and Terrain

There is the tiniest grade to the land -- technically making this a knoll. But you're not going to need to worry about that. No waterline or rocky issues make this a very plain spot.

Water Table

There is a vast deep water flow that runs across the map from east to west. However, in the south you'll find lots of dry land for industry and other pollutables.


While there is some coal, the most important thing to know about this area is the massive metal ore vein that runs the length of the map north/south and then bends back for an even more dramatic formation. This thing is huge!

Usable Land

Sucking all of the metal out of this one is going to be tricky. It's going to require you to rezone and such, so spend most of your time looking at your metal map (shortcut key: press "6") and less time with the water table. The road comes in via the eastern border and the far side of the map plays host to the rail line -- both in perfect spots to take on the mining needs of your city.

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