SimCity Site & Map: Washtub Fields

The hedgerows are the only thing that are visually interesting about this one. It clearly doesn't look like a washtub, but from the ground, the view of the nearby keys more than makes up for the bad name.

Elevation and Terrain

No elevation, but the nearby waterfront intrudes on both the eastern and southern borders. There are a series of hedgerows, though nothing to write home about.

Water Table

The nearby body of water saturates this water table. However, in the north there is a considerable dry spot that could accommodate a major industrial center.


There is a deep, peanut-shaped sea of oil under this one -- one of the biggest in the game. Beyond that, there is the cutest little coal deposit ever. You won't get a dime out of it, but you can't just leave him there.

Usable Land

Rail and road entrances are both on the western border. The rail can easily be routed over to the waterfront to meet up with a ferry, so that's good. Overall, you don't lose too much land and zero elevation changes means you'll have a lot of options when zoning.

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