SimCity 501: Heroes and Villains Expansion

With the pre-order of SimCity 5, I also received the Heroes and Villains expansion pack. This bonus includes two extra buildings in the police HUD. The first building is the home of the hero MaxisMan -- Maxis Manor.

The second is the corporate headquarters of the notorious Dr. Vu -- Vu Tower.

This feature adds a little spice to the game. In between zoning and plopping ploppables, you can watch MaxisMan and Dr. Vu do battle for the fate of your city. Vu generates extra criminals who wonder your streets causing havoc and MaxisMan whoops their butts.

Maxis Manor

Every superhero needs a base of operations. This trendy little pad is a cross between Wayne Manor and Superman's solitude house -- without all the ice.

Extensions include a helipad for your floating space car and a garage for your street car. I know: a house with only two cars? What is this, 1972?

Vu Tower

There's just something about supervillains -- no personality, grumpy as all get out... yet somehow, loaded with tons of cash. Vu's Tower puts me in mind of the Green Goblin's day job.

Vu has a special laboratory that you can add onto the main building that allows him to build various nefarious laborious devices. For the photo above, I plopped it on top of the humungous freakin' three-story garage that may or may not be the home to several Macy's parade floats.

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  1. i add dr vu and i add maxis too, and i had 150 criminal party in my city..

    where is Maxis..? obviously his sleep in his garage..demn..:(