SimCity Site & Map: Hiroshige Overlook

Someone planted the trees in some sort of demonic symbol in the middle of this very light forest. It's, frankly, disturbing. Named after Utagawa Hiroshige, the famous Japanese artist.

Elevation and Terrain

The site as a whole has a slight curve to it, with a small missing corner in the northeast. There are plenty of scenic trees on this site.

Water Table

A deep blue streak runs from the eastern border through the middle of the map and into the northeast corner where you'll find plenty of water and a great spot for your water towers.


The southern end of the map is covered in coal deposits starting at the highway entrance and then spreading eastward. I would highly recommend cordoning off this area with an avenue and then developing everything north of the line as RCI.

Usable Land

Train and highway access both come in through the western border. No water access.

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