SimCity Site & Map: Summit Vista

I'm assuming that Summit Vista implies that you can somehow see a nearby summit. Of course, every view on the whole of the Earth has a sight line to the "summit" of that local area, but we'll skip that. It's a pretty name -- if you don't think about it.

Elevation and Terrain

Only a mild grade on the ground, no hills, cliffs, steppes, or valleys. You do have a long line of waterfront on the eastern border of the map and there's a really nice forest that runs up to the river's edge.

Water Table

Tons. The areas immediately around the entrance and exit points of the main highway have tiny voids in the water level; everywhere else is deep blue.



Usable Land

The highway loops through the northwestern corner of the map. The rail line runs along the northern border of the site and bridges over top of the highway. You can easily extend the rail line to make it to the eastern waterfront. Overall, there is plenty of room and good options, though clearly water pollution is going to be an issue.

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